There are several reasons you computer freezes, this may be force shut down your computer / Laptop, Keeps at sleep mode, either by throwing your laptop on bed cause your computer start freezing or the error BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) Occurs.

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So In This Case Troubleshot your devices.

Method 1: Lets run the performance troubleshooter and check that if they help, click on the link below to run the troubleshooter.

Method 2: If the issue persists , Follow these steps and check the issue persists.

STEP 1: Try to boot into safe mode, and check the issue is same or not. click on the link below to boot the computer in safe mode.

STEP 2: Check if the issue does not fixed in safe mode then, start the computer in clean boot to check if any third part application is causing the issue, to configure to clean boot please click the link below.

Note: Don’t force shut down your computer or unplug the charger in these case, this may cause software problems.

STEP 3: If the problem is still same, then please don’t do anything, then you just need do contact the Technical Support Center, to get better support please click the link below, to get in touch with best Technical Support Engineers.

Technical Support Team:

Please comment below if any problem still persists. we will definitely help you in any case.