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Every man wants to look expensive and you can learn how is it possible. It needs close attention to your clothing. You must have best-fitted suits, slim fit blazer, and nice dress shirts. Men’s jumpsuits can also be a good option. You can wear them even to formal occasions if they have an appropriate style. So, here are a few rules that will help you to look expensive:

Make Sure Your Clothing Fits You

First thing is to make sure your clothing fits you. So, the tip here is to know the name of your tailor since you are going to need one. Because so many of you guys take your suits to get them adjusted. And the first time you get your adjustments for free, but you get it done once. But you need to get your suits adjusted to fit you every year because your body is changing. so, make sure your clothing adjusted again and again. 

Also, make sure your shirt fits you well. And you can take a simple white dress shirt to look expensive. These small adjustments in your shirts and suits will make a huge difference. When you walk in the room even if it’s an inexpensive suit that you get on sale, people will like you. 

Elegance is Simplicity 

Simple dresses look more elegant and that is one of the key points of elegance. Elegance is simplicity at its core. Maybe you love a jacket and that is also functional and has pockets. But you never use the pockets. So, try to avoid this kind of jackets.

Hoodies with oversized zippers on it also not a good choice. Go for the hoodies that have hidden zippers because these small differences make a huge difference. So, if you always want to look expensive, avoid crazy pockets, contrast stitching, and loud designs.

Pay Attention to the Pattern Size 

Two shirts which are both custom and have the same color combination but give a different message. You can observe that maybe one of them look classic, more refined and expensive than the other. By this comparison, you can understand that a small pattern is more classic pattern. So, while buying new shirts pay attention to patterns and buy the shirt with a little bit thinner strips. Wearing a shirt that has too large pattern basically looks cheap and it makes it look non-luxury.

Go for the Darker Colors

Compare two shirts one in a lighter color with embroidery on it and the other in darker color and simple. This comparison will help you to understand the importance of color while choosing a shirt. Color is going to have a big effect. So, darker colors actually look more expensive and formal. White is an exception in formal wear. Choose the color of your shirts wisely if you want to look expensive in every wear.

Pay Attention to the Small Details 

Every detail has its own unique aspect which makes it different and maybe a little bit more elegant. If you go for a full suit that looks classic, pay attention to minor details and unique patterns. Pay attention to your suit’s lining and other details if you want to look expensive. If you pay attention to small details like these, you’ll have fun and increase the value in the overall look of the cloth. Also, buy things that are classic because they are not going to be out of fashion.