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Today’s health state has been changed and lifestyle is responsible for the wide changes in all people’s life. Malnutrition, smoking, alcohol, drug addiction are the presentation of an unhealthy lifestyle. Beside this, excess dependence on technology lead our health to the major challenges and these are the overuse and misuse of technology. It obviously threatens the mental and physical health of the user.

A regular balanced diet is having a direct connection with health. Obesity is the result of consuming the unbalanced diet or processed food excessively and avoiding the food which contains nutritional values. Apart from gaining weight, some other physical disorders such as improper functioning of the cardiovascular system and an increasing amount of cholesterol are the ailments that can lead a person to the death’s door. Not only this, a lack of physical exertion is the corresponding reason for stress, anxiety, and depression. For example, instead of using a staircase most the people tend to take the help of lifts, this is a real example of overdependence on technology. In this way, it is obvious today the life of today’s generation becomes the ‘Couch Potato’.  In a recent lifestyle, one more ritual all of us follow regularly is insufficient sleep. Earlier there was a nice saying that, early to go, early to rise, but this becomes totally meaningless in the life of the people. They usually do late light fun or due to extended working hours, some employees are engaged in late-night shifts, as a result, they start suffering from disease insomnia which further causes mental disorders.

There can be many possible ways in order to avoid the unhealthy lifestyle and be in good physic. The most effective one is the addition of any physical exercise as no one can deny the sweat results given by sweats. For this, one must join the fitness classes or meditation and yoga courses to follow this habit on a regular basis. It agrees that extending working hours or being a more responsible person makes a challenge to create a balance between personal and professional life, but still, nothing is important than health, doing body movement helps someone to get a good shape. With the combination of exercise and a balanced diet, it becomes possible to sheds the extra pounds and body parts start functioning properly. Emphasis should be given on both plant and animal-based diets which enriches nutrients, proteins and minerals, all are important for the growth of the body. Additionally, recreation is a way to get relax in this fast pace life, though it’s important that people especially youngsters but must take rest properly because during sleep our body cells re-integrate again and make energetic for the upcoming task. As it is also recommended by the doctor those 7-8 hours of sleep are necessary for a normal day to avoid the drowsiness.

In brief, it cannot be denied that a healthy lifestyle and health both are interlinked with each other, thus to become a health freaky it’s important to follow the intake of a good diet, the ritual of physical exercise.