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Everyone wishes to look best at the party. There are many options when it comes to party dresses. It can be lacy, tight, sequined, poufy, short or long. The only thing matters is that the dress you wear represents your essence and personality when you are onstage. Just like style of the dress is important, similarly the colors of your party dresses also have a vital role.

An easy way to ensure that you look best in party is to select the right colors for your dress. Wearing unique, will make you unique in the party. Wear red jumpsuit mens and grey romper women look different but awesome. Always keep in mind that mapping colors to the dresses is as much science as it is an art. You need to have an eye for understand the sensibilities of how colors work. Moreover, strike a balance, know the rules of colors before wearing.

While buying colorful dresses for any party, you need to know your skin tone and natural hair color. Here the colorful dresses do not mean rainbow color dress. It means the dress should not be colorless and dull. Following are some advice which you should require before going shopping for party dresses:

Analogous color matching:

Combining two or three continuous shades on the wheel of color that blend perfectly with each other. When you wear an entire outfit together, the color combinations look both striking and stylish. For the summer parties, other combination of orange and camel trench is the best. You can wear colorful poncho at the party. 

The vibrant red:

Red is the color which makes you vivacious, vibrant and confident at the party. Either you want to wear short dress or long dress, red is perfect. It complements almost all skin tone. While buying red color dress, and mind is saying more colorful. Then select light colors like white, light blue and light pinks. These colors will make red more vibrate and love. 

Avoid wearing black dress:

No doubt, black looks elegant but wearing black at colorful parties look zero. Black is a primary color and everyone select black to look prettier. But always remember there are more colors which look more pretty like maroon, violet or deep green.

Tone down bright colors:

The attention is diverted from the face to bright color dress. Just like bright pink, bright green, neon etc. while buying lighter colors, avoid pink tones and stick to pastels. Moreover, if you are wearing jeans or khaki pants, pale yellow and ale bellow will look awesome for evening party.

Match with your skin tone:

While buying dresses especially colorful, always focus on your skin tone. If you are pale or yellow toned, then avoid grey, navy blue, aqua, burgundy etc. If you have deeper skin tone then brown, honey, coral, gold etc. Always strike a balance between warm and cold colors.


Colorful dresses can change your mood and you will feel fresh inn the party. For parties solid colors are always best. Combining only bright colors is not a good idea. It will give negative impact on your personality that you do not have the sense of colors. Moreover, do not forget to focus on your accessories as they complete your party look.