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The quality of teaching is a concerning question for all the teachers and the authorities of school. Truly, quality teaching and student learning are very tightly interconnected. These both are ultimately connected by quality instruction and preparation of teachers. The management, name and reputation and standard of a school depend on its quality of teaching. The concept of teacher quality and quality teaching is based on the academic performance of students.

Always remember that great, experienced and well-educated teachers can provide quality of teaching. School management should provide proper training to their teachers for the quality of education. All the school erp software modules automate daily activity like online test, attendance, time table etc. Indirectly, it improves the quality of teaching by organizing the data of the students which are required by school from time to time through software.

The software makes life easier, otherwise managing all the data manually is impossible for teacher. The quality of teaching also includes quality management of school and quality of education. Improving the quality of teaching is essential component for the school success, as it improves students learning outcomes. In this article, you will find out the 5 perfect ways to enhance teaching quality of your school.

Introduce technology in classroom:

Technology is taking place in this world. The modern teacher should find new ways to engage with their students. It must be innovative and explore using technologies as they appeal student. Technology helps make teaching and learning more productive and meaningful. Moreover, it helps in education to create better educational syllabus, learning material and resources and future products and services.

Provide modern teaching aids, tools and methodologies:

One of best and effective way of enhancing quality of teaching is by supporting teachers with modern teaching tools, aids, and methodologies like digital course content and latest practical labs tools. Education is now learning through reality and practice. Teaching through new methodology develops interest in students. 

Training to teacher:

Improvement in teacher’s development, personality, behavior and teaching is very important. Schools should provide proper training to their teacher, either every year or after every six months. Teachers should train with new techniques, methodologies and classroom management. 

Extra-curricular activities:

Always remember that, in quality learning and effective teaching, extra-curricular activities are very important. Students develop interest in school and learning when they participate in extra-curricular activities and class activities. When teaching involves activities, it becomes more successful and fruitful. 

Involve parents in teaching:

In quality of teaching, teachers do not teach in isolation. To enhance the quality, keep parents involved and informed about the student’s progress. Provide task which needs parents’ involvement and take actions in feedback. Students get more knowledge and develop interest when parents are involved. 

Assessment and evaluation tools:

Teaching is incomplete without assessment and evaluation. Old traditional way of evaluation is not helpful. For enhancing the teaching quality, schools should update their tools of assessment and evaluation. Online assignments, tests, lectures, quizzes and puzzles make evaluation productive. Students learn a lot through technologies. 


Teacher should always prepare every lecture before delivering it to students. Moreover, it is school’s responsibility to fulfill the needs of students and teachers like open space classroom, comfortable furniture. Management of school also effect on quality teaching.